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2013 Spring Collection for charity bows

As discussed in a previous post, we started to make special editions that will first be sold in the Insanitek store. Next year, whatever is left, will be sold in the Etsy store. So, for a full year you lucky Insanitekians get first dibs on the exclusive and rare “Spring 2013” collection for bows.



After every project, there are always bits of yarn left over. Some scraps are big enough to make another decent sized project, but more often they are smaller balls of scraps. Instead of wasting, though, Grace takes a responsible approach to the “trash” by turning them into tiny, 7.5cm/3in in length bow. In turn, she charges 50 cents for one, or discounts for larger amounts. Normally, you buy a 4 count of them, she sells them at 0.43 cents each ($1.75 for the set), or in an eight count of 0.35 cents each ($2.75 for the set).

This collection, however, has 11 bows for $3 — making that 0.30 cents a bow. Best of all, the proceeds for ALL bow sales goes to Pencils of Promise charity, which funds children’s educations all over the world (but focuses primarily in Mexico, South America, and South East Asia).

To the left, you’ll see a couple examples of what Etsy clients do with these bows.

  1. Secure a bobby pin by sliding one side through the “knot” (as shown on the white bow), and using them as a regular bow.
  2. Sew it onto a baby’s headband for your newest member of the family.
  3. We have also considered gluing them onto bags, presents, and cards for a little extra decoration.

Any other ideas? Send us a picture and a message at PR {at} insanitek {dot} net, and we’ll feature your idea in the blog. If you sell the product, include a link to where the customers can purchase it.