Let’s get your superpower started!

I want to take the time to thank you for being awesome.

Oh, no, no, no! You’re an Insanitekian now, and that means we work with you to make sure life turns into one success after another. (For real, not as a marketing gig.)

What you can expect over this free e-course is:

  • A welcome to the community. You’re an Insanitekian now, so it’s time to party! (Here on the Geek Side we have tea and biscuits.)
  • Two emails a week designed to kick down internal barriers to growth.
  • What life and rocks have to do with one another. 
  • That you can -- and should -- play with fire. 
  • Being able to analyse and see paths clearly again.
  • Learn to listen and influence -- yourself and perhaps others a little.
  • Secret paths into Insanitek's inner circles.
  • Courage to become fearless.

You’re awesome because you are wanting to take yourself to the next level. You are awesome because you’re willing to put for the work — maybe even some sweat and tears — as you work through this class to become the best you you can become little by little every day. 

To reward that initiative I want to invite you to a mini (and free) email e-course in metacognition. In this email series, you'll 10 actions, delivered to you twice a week, for 5 weeks. 

Did you really think you'd want to improve yourself and click through another boring marketing gimmick?