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Awaken your inner caveman

One of our network has changed their URL and website all together. They changed from www.flintstonetools.com to www.buystonetools.org. If you go to Flint Stone Tools, you’ll find that you are going to a completely different website that doesn’t reference the old website at all. We have received more than a couple notes that it looks like a scam website due to

  • The change in URL (not to mention the name of it)
  • The redirect from the original without seeing the warning
  • No mention of the previous page
  • No real information about the company Flint Stone Tools
  • The “slashed and unreasonably low prices”

We have been asked repeatedly if this was a scam. No. No, it is not. Despite the fact that it looks like one of those gold buying scams, it is absolutely not.

Our affiliation with Flint Stone Tools

Flint Stone Tools is not owned, managed or operated by anyone at Insanitek R&D. It is owned and operated by Al Seckel. He is a wonderful person that has asked Grace for her help in spreading the word about their product.

In case you didn’t know, Grace obtained her BA in anthropology and has a fondness for archaeology. She also has a love of teaching and educating. Flint Stone Tools combines these elements by selling authentic stone tools at really, really good prices.

How does Flint Stone Tools manage to offer such low prices for real (and legal) stone tools? Well, in Europe you can find these tools scattered throughout farmer’s fields, and the farmers don’t want them. They give Flint Stone Tools permission to gather the tools. Legally, these tools can then be sold.

Al and Isabel have been at this for a while, and they have thousands of tools. On top of that, they also have a passion for education and archaeology as well. This means they are not out for so much of a huge profit as they are providing quality museum and educational tools.


Still not sure if you are interested? Allow us to begin awaking your inner caveman by linking you to some interesting sites.

Caveman Chemistry: a site maintained by a professor at the Hampton-Sydney College. It’s full of chemistry, but also links to a fun book on cavemen and the journey from caveman to modern technology.

Primitive Technology: a site maintained by the Primitive Ways Clan, a group of people that specialise in learning and utilising the old ways so they are never forgotten. Learn music, making fire, and making stone tools among other things.

Also check out Lab Rats, an educational program that teaches science in a fun, innovative way that kids actually like. They have affiliated themselves with Flint Stone Tools as well as well as have provided much of their teaching materials for kits and sets.

Important Update

As life is, things change. People get busy and projects take different directions. That’s just the way it is with life and business as well. It is with sadness that we report that Flint Stone Tools is no more.

In keeping with company policy of transparency, we will leave this post for posterity. However, to reflect accuracy, Flint Stone Tools will no longer appear as an affiliate. The tools will also no longer appear in our online store.

We wish the creators and drive behind Flint Stone Tools and Labrats the best in their new endeavours.