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Motivational Mondays {10.June.2013}

I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced myself here. My name is Alesi, and I’m a networking addict. I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories and connecting them to things they need to succeed. So, I went to school for marketing. I decided to do public relations (PR) and networking as my own business so I can have the best of the world I want.

This weekend, however, I was feeling a bit discouraged during business take-off. It’s a LOT of work to set up a business. I needed a little inspiration, so I perused the web to find some.

I found this image with the quote on a random website when looking for “motivation” for a completely unrelated topic.

From http://www.motivationblog.org

That got me back on track. I want to live like few dare — to enjoy what I do daily. Don’t you?