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Motivational Mondays {24.June.2013}

Part of being an inventor, and innovator, and a self-starter is marketing yourself to fit your ideas and self into a job. So, we are going to take a slight step back today for our Motivational Monday piece to share a free webinar on how to get employed after you’ve been out of the loop for a while.

Why do you need this if you’re striving to create your own business? Well, for one, you may not succeed right away. Grace, for instance, works three jobs while also running the start up part of Insanitek. Insanitek is her dream and passion, so she keeps at it every day.

Secondly, you will likely use many of the skills learned in this presentation to market yourself, your brand, and your products.

Thirdly, it will also help you get a job here at Insanitek, should you ever apply. 😉