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Nearly ready!

I am excited, and here is why:

1.) We are nearly ready with the store!

Opening up a bank account can go quickly or slowly, depending on your cash reserve. As you all know, we move slow around here because money is tight, and we don’t want to crash and burn the company before it’s even off the ground. So, we took the slow route, and it’s nearly there. As in, one of my paychecks away from being fully funded and opened. (We still have a little work to do setting up and fine tuning things, though…)

2.) We’re getting a new merchant for the store!

Emily Cotton Cram (known as Squidmonster from Etsy) will be joining us to sell her amazing sculptures and artwork in the store.

I’m a huge fan of her Quetzalcoatl sculpture.

3.) We are getting a merchant agreement set up!

OK, so this one doesn’t deserve an exclamation point, but I had to keep with the trend. I’m currently working with a lawyer to put together a first draft of a merchant agreement. Emily, as our first merchant, will look it over and make sure it’s understandable and “fair”. What I’m striving for is the goal of Insanitek: help independent makers with a passion for science and/or technology get a good foothold on their business while also keeping Insanitek afloat. It’ll be a community effort, so it’s going to be really, really hard to find a good balance that will be “fair” to most parties. We’re trying our best.