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New business partner: Flint Stone Tools

We are happy to announce that Insanitek is now partnered up with Flint Stone Tools, supplier of authentic and high quality stone tools at affordable prices.

Axes, cores, hammer stones, and more

So, what do you do with a stone tool? Well, these stone tools are great for museum pieces, but they are also great teaching tools. To make the deal sweeter, Flint Stone Tools supplies the teaching materials with the purchase of a tool collection. The teaching materials include videos documentaries tools and information packets on the tools and people that used them.

We thought this was a fantastic deal and way to educate with genuine (and legal) stone tools that were used by the Neanderthals and others of Europe. Stop by and take a look. If you have any inquiries, email Grace (yes, our fearless leader here at Insanitek) at Grace@flintstonetools.com and she’ll help you out.