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New to the store

A few months ago, Grace approached Gabbie of Gabrielle’s Creations for a holiday Etsy trade. After all, with scrumptious jewellery like this, wouldn’t you find a reason to wear it?

Gabbie’s bacon and egg necklace


With Gabbie’s request, Grace opened the food science section of the store, and went nuts creating stock. Most of the items aren’t quite up in the store ready for purchase yet, but here’s what you can expect first thing:

Healthy noms

Assorted vegetables: cucumber slices, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and pimento stuffed olives.

Then, of course, there is the delicious cake hat box stuffed with more delicious play food.

IMG_20130508_122001 IMG_20130508_122238 IMG_20130508_122526 IMG_20130508_122127

Cookies and cream cake box, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate with whipped cream mugs, hand embroidered doughnuts…



Things like this can be great as play food for kids and dietary teaching aids for all ages.

Have a request for what Grace should make for the store? Add your voice to the comments!

  • Gabbie

    Grace, once again thank you for all these deliciously awesome items you made for me! I love them all so much and so does everyone who has seen them. The Cookies and Creak Cake Box is amazing!

    I also just published a post in my blog with some photos of your sweet sweet creations here: http://ggcreations.blogspot.gr/2013/07/a-special-trade-with-insanitek-part-ii.html =)

    Greetings from Greece!