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Our new PR routine

If we have any followers on any social media, you’d realise we’re somewhat erratic when posting things. This was because both Grace and I were trying to do various things on top of sharing with you lovely folks what is going on here. I think we finally have something straightened out now that I’ve shooed the CEO away from social media and taken over that aspect fully.First off, any post that is posted here is publicised automatically through the JetPack plugin for WordPress. We have it set up to go directly to Twitter, which gets cross posted to Facebook instantly. We are working on getting it set up where it can go to Insanitek’s LinkedIn page automatically too. Granted, I’m in the process of setting up Insanitek’s pages, so it’ll be a little while before it’s worth following.

Now, the number one rule of social marketing is friendliness. I’ll be checking the Facebook and Twitter pages on Tuesday and Thursday to communicate with people there AS Insanitek R&D. On Monday, I’ll be hitting up Google+, Wednesday is for LinkedIn, and Friday is for Pinterest. I can’t guarantee what time of the day I’ll be hitting up these places, but I will be there on the designated day at least to answer any questions that have been posted since the last time anyone was online.

I say “anyone”, because while I’ve gotten the CEO to let me handle it, I haven’t banned her from communicating with you guys all together. You’ll still be able to find her though her own social media, and she’ll even likely pop by and answer to social media.

With that update, remember that if you want to reach out to us, you can always email. Otherwise, we’ll see you around the web.

— Alesi