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Psenini Wasp Couple Mating On Pink Mullein Matted Photograph

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Pink Mulleins and mating pseini wasps are a staple of Oregon summers. The mullein is super tough, spreads easily and will fill any space you let it. The pseini wasps are just as happy to wander through the garden ridding your yard of aphids. Now, you can have them gracing the walls all year round.

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A mullein, also known as a velvet plant, brings charm and grace to every scene. They are used in gardening and landscaping for their tall, narrow structure and long-lived flowers. Unfortunately, the heirloom varieties are often short-lived perennials and biennials. Thankfully, hybrids have been made that have increased flower size and be longer-lived plants.

The mating insects on the flower are a type of pseini wasps, which are also known as aphid wasps. They are known as such because they lay their eggs inside of living aphids. When their young hatch, they eat the aphids from the inside out. [Watch clip on National Geographic]. They are natural friends to any gardener.

Now, you can have the beauty of a mullein and psenini wasps gracing your wall all year round.

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