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Sailor Moon Pattern Giveaway

Over Christmas, a special client requested that Grace make a Sailor Moon doll for a trade.

It’s been a huge hit on Etsy so far. So much so, that Grace had a special request come in for 6 dolls from the Sailor Moon cast.

Core cast of Sailor Moon characters as this pattern should produce.
Core cast of Sailor Moon characters as this pattern should produce.

While working on this order, Grace has been updating the first version of the Sailor Moon pattern significantly so that this single pattern can be used to create Sailors Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Chibiusa.

Grace has said that when she gets it all done in a few weeks, she’s going to be sending an updated version to those that have already purchased the pattern, and going to be holding a giveaway to give out 10 copies of this pattern for testers.

Interested in getting a free copy of the pattern? We thought so. If you are interested, leave a comment below with the following information:

  1. Name or other way to identify you
  2. A sentence or two on why you want this pattern
  3. Your experience level in crochet (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Entrants will be divided into the 3 skill level categories, then chosen at random on April 30th. Grace said she wants a variety of people testing the pattern so she knows it’s good for all levels. She’d also like to know why people are interested in Sailor Moon and/or this particular pattern.

Best of luck!

Thank you to all that participated!

The giveaway is closed. We are leaving comments open for discussion, but no more patterns will be given away.

  • I have not done crochet for well over 5 years, so if you want a tester that has nearly forgotten how to crochet, I would be willing to try it for you.

    Good luck with your testing…great idea by the way.


  • I’ve been crocheting for almost 10 years, so I’d like to say I’m advanced, but at the very least I’m intermediate!
    Why I’d like the pattern? Other than it being COMPLETELY adorable, I LOVE Sailor Moon. I’ve been a fan since I was about 10, when it first started airing in the states, and still am today! I’ve also been wanting to try/learn how to crochet dolls.

  • I would love to make this doll for my niece who is an avid doll collector.
    I have been crocheting for about 30 years and my skill level is advanced.
    Ravelry name: knittynana

  • Skill Level: Advanced crochet
    I have done toys and are interested in trying this one. I’m kind of out of touch with children’s favorite characters, since my youngest grandchild is 10. I hope to hear from you soon. Christy

  • I am a versatile crocheter, I have not come across a pattern yet I haven’t been able to make, I literally went from granny squares to fine and intricate lace and then what lay in-between, I use Tunisian, Bosnian and normal styles of crochet and can read all patterns written and symbol, and that is honesty not boasting.

    Technically I am a beginner as I only started to crochet in mid 2010 but I took to it like a duck to water an have found myself teaching pattern / chart reading, stitch skills as well pattern re-sizing to those that have been crocheting all their lives of late 🙂

    Why would I like the pattern? simply to test it out for you, I have no use for it beyond that 🙂

  • Muna Nana

    I think I already left a message here and on google. I would love to test patterns for you. I have had plenty of experience with crochet and pattern testing.
    best regards

  • I am an advanced crocheter. I have been crocheting for over 48 years. I would love to make this doll for my granddaughter. She loves any kind of dolls. I am sure she would fall in love with this lovely doll as soon as she sees it.

  • Muna Nana

    so just curious, how and when will we begin testing this? and how will we get the pattern?

    • Cat

      I’ll be sending out the sample via the email you’ve provided me when you left a comment. My own deadline for getting the dolls I’m working through the unedited tutorials on is the middle of April. I’ll give myself a slight break of a few days, then edit it. I’m aiming to be done with all the edits for stupid errors (I’m actually quite bad at spelling and grammar…) by the end of April.

      As much as I’d love to buy people all the supplies to make a single doll, I just can’t. =/ So, even if you just read through it and give me honest feedback — good or bad — I’d be very grateful. The pattern will also, obviously, be yours. I also don’t have any problem whatsoever with people selling the items they make from my patterns. Quite the contrary, I’d be happy for some help to feed the Sailor Moon fans! (I’d rather make Einstein, but that’s just me. =p) I will even help you advertise the dolls if you decide to go that route.

      Hope this answers all your questions! Feel free to inquire some more if you think of any.

  • PirateRed

    I consider myself a beginner at crochet, but if you want a newbie testing, I’d be more than willing to try! 😀

    I grew up watching Sailor Moon, watched all the subtitled series after the American version got recycled back to the beginning once the Ann and Alan saga ended. I’ve sat through the live-action version, too!

  • This is beautiful doll and great idea!!!

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  • Muna Nana

    Was wondering if there were any updates on whether you have selected your testers for this lovely pattern. I am so hoping I will be one on your advanced list.

    • Cat

      Hey, Muna!

      Yep, there are a couple updates. You can read them here:
      and here

      As soon as I get the … little white barrette things done for Chibiusa’s hair, I think I have ALL the pieces finally done and ready to send out. I’ve read through and edited it until I can’t find any more mistakes, so I’m hopeful it’s ready to pass on to the next batch.

      As for who’s getting it, looks like all of you! There were only a handful of takers, not the hundreds like people told me there might be (thankfully). Yes, thankfully. I don’t think I could keep track of that many edits!

      Anyway, I hope to have the little white barrette things that Chibiusa wears perfected by the end of this week. My first attempt at them looked…. questionable. It usually takes me a few attempts to find something that’s easy and usable and yet still has a good level of detail.

  • Addy H

    This pattern is so cute!
    I would identify as an intermediate level crocheter.

    • Cat

      Awww. You missed the drawing by a day and an hour. I’m so sorry.

  • Brittany

    Lets just say i’m a die hard sailormoon fan and am in love with this doll and would love to test out the other. I’m currently going to ACEN in a couple weeks and going to make ths sailormoon doll to carry around.

    I am a intermediate-advanced crocheter.

    • Cat

      The deadline for this giveaway ended a week ago. I’m so sorry.

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