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Sailor Moon pattern update

Grace has informed us by slinging pictures our way that Sailor Mercury has been added to the “finished” queue, and that part of the pattern has been checked.

While it’s not looking like she’ll get all the dolls done so you can see what the pattern is supposed to yield by the end of April, she’ll have all done but actually sewing the felt on the face and putting the hair in. Yes, that’s right, in.

The hair is put into the head like a tassel. Here’s a pretty good video tutorial of how to do that:

We hope you’re excited for this since it’s likely to be the last time Grace works on Sailor Moon characters. She has professed a love for a challenge, but not so much for anime. Thus, she wants to sell the pattern once it’s cleared by the testers and help those that make the doll sell them. Yes, that’s right, she wants to advertise for you so she can focus her efforts on making something like Albert Einstein instead. 😉

Granted, this doesn’t mean that she’s not willing to develop the alterations for the other characters. There are a whole lot of them, but they are essentially the same. So, a little tweak here or there and you’ve got a new character from the series. She’s willing to help you find the tweak. 🙂

All the best,