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Spring 2013’s limited edition item

Over on Etsy, little hair bows are selling like crazy. Reason? Probably because they are cheap, cute, and they are for charity. People can use them as is, or take the pin off and sew it onto other things for decoration. They can even horde them and resell them if they wanted.

Scrap yarn in the shape of a bow!
Scrap yarn in the shape of a bow!

Well, we’re going to start offering them here at the Insanitek store, but with a twist. You see, here we’ll offer limited time offer sets! This first set will be in spring colours, such as light “carrot” orange, aqua, lime green, etc.

Have a suggestion on what a spring colour should be? The designer would love to hear it — after all the first thing that came to her mind when she heard spring inspired bows was, “How do I make them rain?”  As you can tell, Grace really needs your help. Just leave a comment to set her on the right path.

Date available: 1.March.2013