• Textured stroller blanket and matching hat increase visual and sensory stimulation for baby

    Soft textures and candy colours make this a delight for any baby.

    Everyone knows that babies need stimulation and protection against the chill when out and about. So, here at Insanitek we’ve made a candy-coloured stroller blanket with matching hat. Both items are soft, but lightly textured to give Baby something to touch and cuddle with while being kept warm and snuggled in. We choose to make it a soft, candy-coloured rainbow so it’s appropriate for all ages of babies and toddlers, as well as all genders.

    So, what about the parents? You get a colourful way to keep Baby warm that is also easy to care for. The set is made of 100% machine washable and dryable yarn, so just toss it in the wash as necessary.

    For sale in the Insanitek gift store.

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