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Updates and updating

There are a couple updates that are going on right now within Insanitek’s community that you ought to know about.

  1. Dreamhost, the server, has routinely been having issues. This causes the whole of Insanitek to go down for periods of time. We have no control over this, but we do apologise for the inconvenience and aggravation. Trust us — we are just as annoyed that we’re paying for an unstable and unreliable service at the moment. (Thankfully, it’s not usually this bad.)
  2. We are trying to find a way to implement a “point system” within the community that will enable you to earn points for being involved. You see, when we have a healthy, active, robust website, it ranks higher up on web searches, enabling us to become a better company and resource for inventors. For that, we want to reward you with points that you earn for commenting and being active in the forums (on top of being able to sell things in the store) for cash, gift cards, or physical items, such as magazine subscriptions to Science or what have you. We’re currently trying to find a system that works. Until then, you may see things come and go.
  3. We are also working out a couple kinks with the projects page (linked from the home page) and a few other linking issues. Please be patient with us while we get all sections of Insanitek all linked up nice and neatly for usability. It’s going to take some effort. (In that vein, if you’re good at Word Press coding, and would like to get paid to help, please step up! Send your CV and letter of intent to gconyers{at}insanitek{dot}net if you’re interested.)