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Updates galore!

We have been busy here at Insanitek, to state the obvious. I decided that the blog needed a more professional look to go with our new division. Welcome, m’dears, to the new

Insanitek Ink

Ink is the publication division of Insanitek. We do research, write informational articles, bring you interviews from people you’re interested in, and teach you how to build things (or destroy depending on the tutorial).That’s not all we do in Ink. We also do research for clients. If you are too busy to handle the research and writing portion of your project, turn to one of our science freelance writers for help. We have experts in biology, chemistry, history of science and technology, physics, and many more areas of interest.

The Makeover

In case you are new, Insanitek has gotten a makeover. We had hoped to accomplish a much nicer, streamlined layout to find articles of interest that are easy to get to. Of course, we also were aiming for a professional, yet fun and modern look as well. The makeover is not really complete as of yet, but we’re scouring the site for things that didn’t take when we moved from the old site to the new one.

The Community

The community is still done in bulletin board format, and can be found by clicking the forums link in the menu bar. We do hope you’ll join us there occasionally to liven up the site, give us your feedback, ask questions, and mentor a newcomer.