Metacognition: The Fine Art of Thinking, Analysing, & Growing

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You know the frustration. The one where you start a project, go running for supplies, information, and then lose track of time. A lot was riding on finishing the project; you were going to impress everyone. You were going to show off how smart and reliable you are. But it didn’t happen.

You could blame a lot of things. You could say you weren’t prepared, that resources were hard to find, and more.

However, you can also learn the lifelong skill of metacognition and eliminate more than a few of those woes.

Metacognition is defined as thinking about thinking. With this skill, you think quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly about any particular task, project, concept, or idea so that you can act upon it confident and pivot just as quickly when necessary.

This course shows you how to use metacognition. It does more than that, though. This 7 week course has 7 modules, each with 2 – 3 lessons. Each lesson has an assignment to sharpen your skills, while each module test puts it all together and pushes the envelope just a little further. It’s true: practise makes perfect!

By the end of this class you’ll be tapping into your metacognitive powers like you would a superpower.

Take a look at the table of contents below:

Module 1: Introduction to our system and the class

We’re not just gonna leave you hanging out there with a giant learning curve for the platform. That would be mean. This module has a quick lesson on how to use our platform, Sensei for WordPress, before diving into the introduction of what metacognition is.

Besides learning how to use this platform, you’ll also see how you can learn to use the concept of metacognition and the skills you’ll be sharpening in this class. Hint: It goes a pretty far beyond the world or school environment.

Module 2: 10,000-foot view and big picture clarity

Life isn’t just work. We work for things and towards things. And guess what? They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can pick up any project and use it to train you for something that matters. In this module you’ll be taking a look at your own life. That means looking at where you want to be compared with where you are so you can make goals that will get you a step or two closer to your dream with every project.

At the second half of the module, we start applying this newly sharpened world view to the concept of mapping your path — both in life and during a project.

Module 3: Strengths, weaknesses, and working with what you have

Have you ever started to do a project, only to realise that you just don’t have what it takes to pull it off? Most of us do as a kid, then as an adult we do it either because we are addicted to challenges or looking for approval. When you accept a project, you want to play to your strengths and adopt a team that helps you keep strong throughout. This module is designed to help you quickly assess strengths and weaknesses so you can match yourself with the best teammates on any given project to make the best of it.

Of course, we don’t always work in a team. When that’s the case, there are a few other tricks you can use to see the end of a project approaching with confidence, not anxiety.

Module 4: Planning, organisation, and time management (oh my?) 

When planning and projecting a project, the first three steps are usually skipped while humans that have not tapped into their superpower yet skip straight on to this one. Don’t get me wrong, all three of these are highly important and sometimes tough skills to master, but if you start here, it’s like starting to walk in any direction hoping to get to a particular place.

In this section instead of focusing on a single method of any, we’re going to break down how to find your best methods for you — including making something uniquely your own that will never fail you. From there, you’ll apply it to the project you’re working on in this class to test your ideas in the next module.

Module 5: Doing and analysing the thing

Most of the time people are in such a rush to get to The End that they never take time to enjoy the pleasure of The Journey. (Yep, caps needed.) In this module you’ll learn to not just slow down and analyse your techniques and approach, but appreciate your ability to make the choice to throw away things that aren’t working as efficiently as you’d like. After all, the Pomodoro method may seem appealing, but it’s not for anyone that can focus for an hour and a half, but then need an hour break.

In other words, this module is all about trying different things to see if they truly work for you. It’s about finding out how to tweak things as you go through a project, and really getting the most out of it. By the end of this module, the next will seem like a breeze.

Module 6: Get it done while reviewing

This is the second to the last module, and it’s an extension of module 5, but with a different focus. In this module you are going to build the good habit of constantly reviewing your efforts and pivoting (or adjusting) as necessary while you finish through to the end.

It may sound incredibly easy, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to go off in either direction: obsessing too much or getting complacent. Balance is the key, but this balance beam is a thin thread winding around the life around you.

Module 7: After Action Review

While every module has a mini After Action Review (AAR), this module is dedicated to looking back at the process as a whole to see where you can tweak it for the next project that lands on your table. It’s probably the easiest and hardest assignment of the entire class because it’s the one that ties into your future and how you’ll use this superpower for the good of your life.


Intro to Metacognition

Grab a cup of your favourite drink and pull up a chair. This is going to be a great skill to learn and keep in your toolbox forever. In this first module you'll take a closer look at what Metacognition is. The first lesson is a brief over view of what metacognition is and how you'll learn to use it throughout this class. The second module shows you how your brain works so you can take control of your mind power. Remember. It's all mind over matter. You can do this.