Science Side Hustles

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It’s actually easier than you think to turn your love of all things geeky into a side hustle. From tutoring and beyond, there is a lot that you can do with your passion. This mini course will show you how to science up the money.

In this mini-course you’ll get an overview of several different paths you could take to make science the basis for your side hustle. Whether you choose one as a part time side hustle or use two or more as a foundation for your entrepreneur journey, this course is designed to give you a quick overview and idea of what is possible, a few resources to help you at any stage, and encourage you not to settle for the status quo. Science is a fun, expensive passion that can enrich our worlds — both ours and our communities.


I'm a "dirt-ologist". I love studying the interface of human and environment interaction, often asking the rather rhetorical question: "Do we change the landscape, or does the landscape change us?"

I also captain the ISS Insanitekian, a startup adventure of a lifetime.