Congrats! You’ve taken the next step to becoming more of who you aim to be. 

critical-analysis-skill-builderLook, we both know that it’s difficult. You set out on a journey to become the best you can possibly be, but then your inner motivation just peters out. I know because I’ve been there before… OK, most mornings before my morning cup of coffee.

But, that is why you are here and why you became part of our community when you reached out for this list. You wanted to go the extra step further. Take the sheet off to the right by clicking on the image. A document should open up in another tab.

And now is where the fun begins.

We are here for you.

Dive in to the exercise and keep opening the emails from us. You’ll find yet more tidbits, actionables, and other things that you can use in your homeschool — both in terms of critical thinking, labs, and other awesome things. In your first emails, you should get a link to our Members Only Library of Resources which you can access at any time. We’re constantly adding things to it, some we dream up, others member requested.

So, if you need something, all you have to do is ask.