How we’re making money

Sometimes little kids can be the most perceptive when it comes to business, and they don’t even know it. While I was talking with some of the kids at the school about what I do, and the company, one kid asked, “So, if you help people for cheap or free, how do you make money?”

There are a few ways I make money for Insanitek (and myself).

  1. I write freelance articles for American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS), and split the take home (after taxes) between personal use and Insanitek. I split it 70% me (for bills and rent) and 30% goes into Insanitek’s account to pay for whatever we need here, whether that’s payroll, lawyers, domain fees, etc.
  2. I write for a place called BlogMutt, which does a lot of various types of articles. All the money I make from this goes into the Insanitek PayPal account, so I don’t touch it. It’s there as a “petty cash fund” for employees of Insanitek. We use it to pay for office parties, birthday gifts for employees, etc.
  3. I also have a Yahoo! Contributor account which I write essentially fluff articles about things they assign and repost my AAAS articles for a pay-per-page view method. It’s a pittance, so I usually don’t give much of this to Insanitek. If I make more than $5 at any given time (usually takes months to do that), then I give it to Insanitek.
  4. We have the Insanitek store as well, which is supposed to generate most of our income once it gets rolling. It’s being set up currently, so it’ll be a while before that comes.
  5. The Etsy extension to the store is also pulling in a little money here and there. All proceeds from this go to Insanitek or are split between the charities listed in the items and Insanitek.
  6. Fees collected from merchants. All merchants that sell on the Insanitek platform are charged 5% of their profits to cover all advertising fees, go toward lawyers should they need one, credit card processing fees for their orders, and other upkeep to the store for their sake. They have a say on how this is spent, so really, it’s nearly still their money.

As we develop, we hope to have more ways to raise revenue to be able to help independent makers build, protect, and market their business.

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