How we’re making money

Once we develop into something bigger, we’ll be able to implement our bigger dreams. These include:

  • Having company engineers to design and build original projects
  • Having company engineers fix client design problems (this would be if a client needs a speciality item)
  • Having a research team paid to research and write detailed reports for others.
  • Writing science books and educational material for museums, schools and homeschoolers that aren’t boring.
  • Affiliate programmes (maybe?)
  • Ad spaces for relevant things that our independent contractors and employees could use. And yes, we will listen if there are a lot of complaints to take something irrelevant away. 🙂

I’m sure as time passes I’ll find many, many other things that I can do to make Insanitek money, and then pass those rewards off to the people that want to work with Insanitek to grow both themselves and this company.

Interested in learning more? Check out our About Us page!

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