INK is getting a facelift {Open Letters to the Public}

From the Captain’s Desk

It’s our second year of business. Really, we’ve only been around for a year, though it seems like longer sometimes. The first year in business was a trial to see if we loved what we were doing. The answer, yes. As researchers we love all that is coming with Insanitek. Everything from the play time to the field time. From the lab to the clients. It’s really worth all the time and effort we are putting into building this company from the inside out.

This quarter marks the beginning of changes.

Insanitek is going through a lot this year, and I won’t spoil the surprise. But, I will tell you this: Everything is getting updated. Major face-lifts are coming our way, new collaborations, more discussion, and even more geekiness abound.

First, you’ll see some changes in INK. A team of science writers are working hard to fill the blog with fun, geeky, yet down to earth language to capture the minds and imaginations of all. You may also notice that we are slowly updating the corporate stuff so it’s not so stuffy and boring and well, more Insanitekian. You know, more exciting and less wordy.

One of my favourite new features is that we are doing mini infographics of open access journal articles. We are trying our best to reach out and connect with the original authors to show you a different side of science that goes with it as well. So far, so good on this front.

It’s even rumoured by our CIO, Ali, that we’ll be seeing a whole new look to the portal pages and INK here soon. How soon? Well, he’s keeping it a surprise from even me. I do know that it’s going to be modern, clean, and interactive. This will be a nice and refreshing change from what we have no, which is a bit old and outdated.

That’s all find and dandy for us, but what would you like to see updated?

Seriously. What would you like to see updated? This is as much your community as it is our platform. You know your thoughts are taken into consideration.