Insanitek updates {20.June.2013}

There are lots of exciting things happening around here at Insanitek. In fact there are so many things our Fearless Leader is having a hard time keeping up with them and us as we implement them. Here’s what’s new:

  • Articles: Up at the top of the navigation, you’ll see a new menu called Articles. We’ll be collecting the articles under these headings via the Arlima plugin for WordPress. It’s a great little functional tool that we’re thoroughly enjoying on this end, and I hope you’re enjoying it on that end.
  • Merchants: We are now actively looking for merchants that have science and technology related and/or inspired things. What constitutes science and technology related? Here’s a few ideas:
    • Archaeology
    • Health and body (sorry, no black market livers accepted. ;))
    • Nature inspired things, such as photography
    • Architecture is an applied engineering area, and engineering is both science and tech! All those city-scape photos are good too!
    • Biology
    • Food sciences
    • Geology
    • Math
    • Physics

If it doesn’t fall into one of these categories, you can always sell it as a charity drive item. Please note, we do have stipulations on what charities Insanitek will align itself with. Charities must be as religiously and politically neutral in order to maintain a neutral stance in business.

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