Insanitek’s startup is nice and slow

And this is just the way I like it.

So far since I’ve dreamed up Insanitek, I’ve gone through many iterations of what it ought to be. Except, I shouldn’t have been listening necessarily to what it ought to be, but to what it wanted to be and what I’m capable of pulling off for it.

I might be the fearless leader, but I can only do so much. I have to hire some, request help from others, and really know when to just step aside before I cause any major damage. Which, as you know, is not the normal role of the boss. I’m trying something different. =)

Right now in development is the ability to take credit cards through the shop. Once this happens, a majority of the items we sell through the “gift store” Also known as Insanitek Gifts will be available exclusively here. There will be a few select items available on Etsy as well, but mostly just the charity stuff and stock older than say, 8 months old? We’ve yet to really define that mark.

I’m also in the currently of developing a division called Insanitek Ink. This is where a lot of the writing will be done. This division will be in charge of writing articles for both in house and out of house. While I’d like to aim the in house stuff at science and technology, there are bound to be blurred edges of those categories. Out of how stuff is to be done the same way, at least if the name “Insanitek Ink” is used.

Thanks to Missy, the lady that graciously designed our boxes, banners and Insanitek Ink mascot, another idea has been formulating. This idea is to make history educational DVDs that tell a life story of a particular person. This could be a wonderful tool employed in classrooms, especially for the sake of a substitute teacher. We will soon need some researchers that can write up the storyline. We’ll also need an illustrator that can put together this image narrative, maybe to music, maybe to a speaking narrative itself. Granted, this is all in the incubation stages, so we’ll see where it goes.

Also in the news is the Sailor Moon pattern giveaway. It’s the first real pattern I’ve developed, which I did as I made a doll for a client on Etsy. Personally, I wanted to make the pattern for the challenge, as well as to keep a “doll” pattern, at least in shape for when I make scientists for here on Insanitek. I also thought it would be nice for people who wanted to make their own Sailor Moon. Oh, how I did not expect how well received she would be. A lot of people went crazy for her, and I was asked to make 6 characters from the cast. So, I reworked Moon for the sake of checking my own work and started to develop the tutorial for the others, which are a variation of Moon. I need pattern testers! It’s going well so far, but I could really use more beginners and intermediate to wade their way through it and pick it apart for me. Please? You won’t hurt my feelings. I promise.

Until then, if you have any thoughts or opinions on what’s going on, leave a shout in the comment box, a note on the Facebook page, or even send us a message via Twitter. As always, our ears are open.

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