Encourage Curiosity & True Understanding With ANY Subject

Benjamin Franklin was onto something when he said, "Involve me and I learn." We learn, retain information, and explore further when we are engaged in the pursuit. 

Interactive journals involve students in every step of the process.

  • Interactive journals combine all the learning styles into one very customizable system. 
  • You can literally use whatever you have handy — no special equipment. 
  • Students can have fun with the topics, following the evidence and facts where ever their imaginations lead.
  • Cover multiple studies at once, and make education more interesting.
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Build the Foundations

We all gotta start somewhere, and that's our foundation to all our education. Reading from a book or a website and jotting down notes in an interactive journal is a good foundation to start building off of. 

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Explore Interests

Interactive journals make it easy to explore interests in relation to the topic at hand. Split a page up, one side with notes, the other side giving them room to write questions, doodle things, and write down crazy ideas to explore.

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Tie Into Other Topics

Cross music with history, history with technology, technology with biology. All of it's possible when you realise you can scribble outside the lines of a textbook. Imagination and curiosity is the limit.

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