Education isn’t just about memorising facts. It’s about learning how to learn, and embracing the variability of ways that you can integrate lessons of all topics into your life. The foundation to this is so simple that most educators overlook it: Journaling. 

Scientists immemorial have kept diaries and journals of their lives, what they were learning, their thoughts on the matter, and their research. For convenience, scientists started to separate their experiments and data separate so they could find it later. This became known as the research notebook.

Integrating this timeless, brainy method in your homeschool is so easy. All you need is your normal supplies ─ and if you have a crafty student, maybe some more art supplies.

Step 1: Start with any book, a notebook, and if possible, any extra guides as needed. Here we have a textbook from one student’s grandfather’s shelf, a simple notebook, and Insanitek’s physics interactive journal. The student made the cover sheet for the chapter.

Step 2: As the student reads, they take notes. This student likes to use a modified Cornell method.

Step 3: Integrate activities that use the new knowledge with other knowledge the student knows. This could be a short history essay (like prompted in the interactive journal), a chart that compares and contrasts something similar, drawing the scene described in the book, etc. 

Step 4: Enjoy the process of learning!

If you want more ideas on how to integrate this method into your homeschool with your students, there is a free 30 minute webinar training you can access. 

This webinar will cover:
  • What an interactive journal is
    • The parts of the journal
  • How you can use it in your homeschool (a few ideas, plus how we use it)
    • How to integrate other things, such as reading, logic, and art into the process
  • Journaling science (and life)
    • Use our sheets or make your own
    • Tailoring to students 

When you sign up for the webinar, you’ll get a free sample chapter to experiment with.

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