In depth webinar workshops that explore topics for independent researchers, scientists, and science communicators to set down stable foundations and grow their business. Topics include:
  • Leadership
  • Resource Management
  • Legal
  • Personal development (for both business skills and personal skills)
  • Work-life balance
  • Public communications
  • Finance
These webinar workshops are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month over Zoom. As long as you are a member, all workshops will be available to you to watch at any time.
$10.00 per Month.

Interactive Journal Makers

A 30 minute monthly webinar workshop for those of us that are blazing trails in education with integrating an interactive journal. We'll share, as a group, ideas on how to to teach specific topics, ways to integrate specific methods (i.e Charlotte Mason, unschooling, etc.), and even ways to bring a hands on element.
$5.00 now and then $2.50 per Month.

Hands On Science Workshop

Library of hands on science workshops demonstrations and live workshop replays. One demonstration, one live is added per month in this library. All workshops will have a printable that has step by step directions, blank (dot grid or graph) pages for a notebook, and ideas to make more experiments to fill up your interactive journal. For each workshop there is the ability to interact with the community in the comments of the posts, share tips and ideas, share pictures of results and troubleshoot, etc. No need to leave the site, you can do it all right here. (And, yes, Grace answers comments here on the site to help you.) The live workshops will have the additional bonus the ability to work along side Grace and ask questions as you go if you show up live.
$10.00 per Month.
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