Thank you! Here’s your new templates.

Who’s on their way to being a note-taking pro? You and your students are with the modified Cornell notes and example you can download at the right. And everyone around you is probably gonna be so impressed they pick up the skills. 

But what about style and personality? Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be sending you some resources to your inbox on how to take your notetaking style to a whole new level.

Think success and personality all in one. 


With a few different ways to take notes ─ everything from bullets to sketching ─ to make notes your own.

To get started with the template, just click on the image to the right. A PDF will open, and you can download it. There are two different colour templates, plus an example from Insanitek’s own collection. 


You can find the editable template for this in the Library of Resources. Use the password “Knowledge” (without the quotes) to access it and many more things. You’ll get a link to the password in your email for your references. 

Extra bonus: 

As long as you’re an Insanitekian, you’ll get emails with free resources for your educational needs. That means teaching inspiration, fun experiments that can integrate education in a way that doesn’t just clutter your rooms full of “things”, and access to our team of tutors for those those niggling problems that you aren’t confident in explaining.

We’re on your side in this journey of life. It’s time to have some fun.