New year and new beginnings

Well, as it stands there are new beginnings all the time. However, it’s always nice to have a solid defining point. The beginning of the western New Year is good enough for us to pinpoint, and thus make a good discussion of “new beginnings” here on Insanitek.

First off, and it’s no secret, that the community here will be changing yet again. BuddyPress is not working out the way we hoped, and there seem to be several issues in getting the forums started and going. What we are looking for is a place we can write articles and have mini discussions. If you have any suggestions on what sort of platform will work, feel free to toss in your two cents in the comments. If we can get BuddyPress actually working, that would be a boon as well, and we’ll be opening up forums where we can discuss science, technology, and inventions.

Next month, several of the articles that Grace has written for American Association for the Advancement of  Sciences (AAAS) will no longer be exclusive for AAAS, and thus can be posted here as well. We will be doing just this so you can see what illustrious leader has on the brain.

As it stands, this month we are still focusing on the store and getting things working around here in the community. Once they are, oh, how fun the changes will be. We’ll even be hiring science writers to work for us! Stay tuned.

— Insanitek PR