Career Prep: Communication for the Workplace

$ 60.00

Workplace communication is different from personal communications. It’s a delicate balance of amiable, personal, impersonal, and professional. This course is 14 modules that go over communicating in different forms from speaking, listening, writing, and dealing with workplace conflict. 12 of these modules are focused on inner workplace, while two of them are focused on communicating with customers.

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  • Communicating With Others – Introduction to Communication
  • Communicating With Others – Effective Communication
  • Communicating With Others – Verbal Communication
  • Communicating With Others – Written Communication
  • Communicating With Others – Nonverbal Communication
  • Communicating With Others – Listening Skills
  • Communicating With Others – Workplace Communication
  • Dealing With Conflict – Understanding Conflict
  • Dealing With Conflict – Communication Skills
  • Dealing With Conflict – Managing Conflict
  • Technical Writing – Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Technical Writing – Successful Documentation
  • Customer Service – Communicating Effectively with Customers
  • Advanced Customer Service – Responding to Customer Complaints

Each interactive module takes about 30 – 50 minutes, working at your own speed. Each module ends with a test for mastery of the material presented, and you must pass with 100% to move to the next module. This guarantees that you have the skills down and have bragging rights to each finely tuned skill in communication. At the end of this class you will get a completion certificate and a letter of recommendation you can use in your career portfolio.

This course does not have a beginning time. When you sign up for the course, you will get an account with access to the course within 72 – 96 hours (3 – 4 days). You can start as soon as you have access and work as quickly as you desire.

This course is currently housed with our partners at 180Skills and runs through their learning management system, Litmos.

If you haven’t taken an online course before, please note that you should be prepared to rely on yourself or a personal system to hold yourself accountable to reach the end. However, with these skills you will be able to show your new skills through your performance and diplomacy, which will result in respect, a pay rise, and moving up in any career you choose.

Life is what you make of it. The more you put into your own life, the more you’ll be able to do. The power is in your hands, and here are some skills to help you level up.

At $5 an information packed module, you can’t beat this price.


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