The good, the bad, and the apology

I need to tell you all a little tale about what happens when they let me free to clean up things on the forums and behind the scenes. This, of course, comes with a confession about how OCD on organised and clean I like things to be.

Well, I’m a little OCD on having things related to business clean, organised, and easy to find things. A couple months ago when we redid the forums and community, we had open registration for a short period of time. However, we didn’t have any method in place for keeping spammers out of registration. So, we had hundreds of spam-bots cluttering up the member list that I felt the need to clean out.

Yesterday morning I went through deleting the spammers that got through that round, only to have accidentally deleted the admin’s account, which broke the entire community. Oops. (The curse was actually much, much stronger than that when I realised the extent of my mistake.) Thankfully, Ali, my good friend and CIO, is patient with me. All he did was shake his head slightly and roll back the system a couple days.

This leads me to my apology.

I’m sorry that I screwed up, causing the website to malfunction. I’m doubly sorry if you had registered for a legitimate account, but I deleted you either in the process of my getting rid of all the junk earlier today or if you were deleted in the roll back.

The good news is that registration is open, and we have a good spam system in place. You may register at any time to the default roles of Subscriber for the blog and Spectator for the forums. This is exactly like before, so you’ll not see any change when/if you re-register.

Again, accept my apologies for my error.

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