Transparency Report, January 2016

A new year, a new start on the Transparency Reports. Due to inadequate capabilities with Google Sheets, we decided to start fresh. This means no more interactive charts — they didn’t work anyway — a change up in a few expenditures, and no more lame introduction about our purpose with these posts. Instead, all you get are the raw facts from here on out, as well as any techniques we are changing up to try to generate more revenue. We sincerely hope our experiments help you in your adventures, and feel free to leave questions and suggestions in the comments!


The year started out on a slow note as all the students were still on school break. Since they are our main income right now, it meant that we had a week where Grace didn’t do any private tutoring, and thus was slightly short on what our normal income would be.

Insanitek Revenue for January 2016

What we are going to try for next month is two fold. Grace is going to send out flyers for the academic infographic service and train to expand our reach while working with Wish For Our Heroes foundation. The goal is to help vets transition to a different sort of life after they leave military service. She hopes to also develop more of Insanitek’s training programs and offerings, which will then be available on the web.


Subcontractors, supplies, software, oh my! We have been looking at our expenditures really closely so we can keep profit to a max. Our main goal this year is to put together a giant savings account in order to offer a scholarship to people, and maybe even a grant for those going to a bigger school.

Expenses and Growth Investment for January.

Even though our plans are vague, we can comfortably announce that our main focus is on maintaining minimal expenditures so we can grow that Growth Investments into something much, much bigger. It’s currently at a -95.03 due to over extending in training classes at the end of the year. We invested in:

Both have been amazing investments that have given us plenty of direction for growth in the next year. And that was just the first few sessions — we have lots more learning to stuff into our brains, implement, and test iterations. It’s right here on the transparency report you’ll see links to our reports on how these programs and services work out for us, as well as things we’ve been learning.

Goals for February

Next month our goals are slightly varied. We plan to:

  • Send out a box of advertisements on the academic infographic service to people that we can find the address for that have recently published their work in open access journals. We figured if anyone would be interested in our service, they would be.
  • Redo our webcopy using Ash Ambirge’s method of telling our story as you would see it. How? We listen to what you have to say and integrate it into our work.
  • Plot, plan, and scheme for more fun ways to market, including monthly giveaways…. starting next month with a beaker set giveaway.

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