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Insanitek internships and apprenticeships are paid positions where we also help you help yourself. 

Bear with us while we explain.

We believe that internships and apprenticeships are a process. It’s a process where you explore where you are and every step along the way to where you want to end up. We have guided projects that help you get through skills checkpoints and feedback, but ultimately you must take ownership for your own education and progress. 


Because when you take ownership it’s that much more powerful and useful to you. It’s not a passive process where information is shuffled at you, but a way for you to embrace all that comes with the position and life. It also gives you permission to explore a variety of things and ways ─ not just what the book or teacher says. It’s a way to make this truly yours.

And, you never know, you might invent something new along the way because you were never told it wasn’t possible. 

Oh, and the pay? That’s per project you work through. For details, check each available listing below.