Insanitek affiliates itself with some great things, people and companies. Here are some companies and projects we are proud to support and align ourselves with.

Cool companies and organisations we’re proud to know.

Project Kid’s Network creates meaningful change for kids and to inspire others to use their talents to make an impact around the world. They do this by taking volunteers all over the world to teach kids what they know while helping to build better communities.

Money makers (Affiliates)

We use products and services around Insanitek, and we’re quite happy to recommend them. Every time we do, we use an affiliate link. Affiliate links mean that they give us a token of their appreciation in the form of a few pennies of their profit. (Your price doesn’t go up.) It’s never much, but it’s enough to help make another kid’s dreams of becoming a scientist come true. We use the money to pay for lab equipment and consumables for the kids to use.

We will never pressure you to buy anything. We simply direct you to a useful source that may interest you or our resources for some of our images we use for marketing and the like. If you buy the item, we get a percentage from the company that allows us to help pay our bills. And, for that, we are very grateful as well as happy we could help you out.

Here’s a (relatively) list of the places we use affiliate marketing and what they promise us:

Please keep in mind that we use these products and services at Insanitek. We have used them and can say good things. Please also keep in mind that while we check back with these people and vendors periodically to keep this list up to date, some of them remove their programs without informing us so we can update our list and records.

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