Insanitek started as a mere question: What if ?

What if we could make things that make a difference to the world, no matter how small of a scale? What if we could research things beyond the constraints of money and institutional politics? What if we could live a well balanced dream life, yet still make huge impacts on the world?

“What if” soon morphed into “why not” and we began living it.

Insanitek R&D, the business incubator for researchers and inventors, snuck into the world quietly while Grace Conyers and Ali Alarafat pushed through their university educations. Now, Insanitek is taking bold steps into the world to show people what happens when you live the what if.

To make The Dream come true for more people, Insanitek is also a science and technology apprenticeship. We teach beginning scientists how to do their craft, while also helping them communicate what they do to as many different people as they will come across in life. That means increasing science literacy across the world.

Insanitek is a business incubator for independent researchers and inventors that want to do more than just wish. We enable you to be a doer by helping you develop and market products from idea to the bank, develop a community that is interested in you and your ideas, and help you pick up the skills to make it all happen. We believe in bootstrapping ideas and working hard. But then again, when you are doing what you love, it’s not work. It’s play.

The Dreamers and Doers of Insanitek

Grace, the Captain, is the only member of Insanitek at this moment of regrowth. She’s a homesteader, soil scientist, herbalist, tea-addict, unrepentant bibliophile that spends her days working on the homestead, digging in dirt, and laughing with students.