Working at Insanitek R&D in any of it’s divisions is not like working at any other company. First of all, it’s an R&D company that is focused on three different aspects:

  1. Research and development for independent inventors and innovators. This is where the artists, creators and innovators comes in. Insanitek R&D is designed to make these individual’s dreams blossom into reality with a lot of hard work and mentors helping you along. There is another side to the R&D division as well. On this other side we plan to gather together engineers and innovators that can work on someone else’s ideas to make them come to life.
  2. Publication is part of research, and Insanitek is striving to make as much of the research as possible open source. We have a community that we can tap into for ideas, both in a virtual forums as well as in the offices vai al sito. While we don’t want to ruin the confidentiality and allow their ideas to swept away from them, we do want to provide an atmosphere that is helpful. We do this by publishing research done in the labs and offering them up for peer review for anyone — including the public — to access, recreate, and discuss the experiments and results. Like the R&D department there is a flip side that is for others outside of the Insanitek community where we can offer our science publishing and PR work for others. To this end, there is a need for good science writers and journalists at all levels and all fields that can be available for both in house and out of house work.
  3. Educating the public about our research is not only good marketing according to modern standards, but it’s what we are passionate about. After all, we love our field, our work, and our lives. We want to share our passions with you, whatever they are. Soon to be active is the educational division of Insanitek where we put together lessons, lesson plans, activities, and videos to pass on our knowledge to anyone that wants to learn it.

No matter what division or role you take on at Insanitek, when you become part of the staff, you become part of a team that strives for excellence in both this company and your career.

Now Hiring

Paying jobs

Freelance science writers

Interested in writing science? Have a flair for story telling? Are you good at providing accurate citations and documentation? If yes, you can earn yourself some extra cash by writing science articles for Insanitek R&D. We currently pay between $10 and $55, depending on quality and length of work.

Currently needed to fill the following writing assignments:

  • History of science and technology specialist. Your objective would be to write blog entries for the Creative Genius section and/or articles about the history of inventions, inventors, scientists, science, and other pertinent ideas. Pay rate for blog entries start at $10, while pay rate for a full length articles to publish in a newsletter start at $13 per standard type-written page of text (not including images). For full details, check the FAQ.

  • DIY tutorial writers. Do you have a DIY of something? Can you explain the science behind it in terms that the general public can understand? If you do, you may want to consider writing it up and submitting it for publishing. All rules for this follow the same rules as the writers, so check out the writer’s FAQ for more information on pay rate, licensing rights, and publishing info.

  • In Depth writers. If you like writing facts in story form, this is the section for you. We’re looking for writers to write more in depth articles about various topics in a language that is “plain English”. If you can do this, check out the writer’s FAQ for more information on pay rate, licensing rights, and publishing info, then sign onto the team.

If you want to see if you have what it takes to be part of the writing team, check out the FAQ. Have questions? Contact Mark Brenner at HR{at}insanitek{dot}net. If you want to work for us after seeing what it takes, fill out the application and take the writer’s test.

Freelance Graphic Artists

If you are a freelance graphic artist that is interested in explaining science and technology, you’ve come to the right place. As a graphic artist, you’ll be an important part of the Insanitek community because your work is highly valued across the various mediums we use.

We are looking for graphic artists that would like to be part of the Ink Services. This position would require that you are able to work with both the freelance science writers and the researchers that are trying to translate science papers into pieces that the general public can understand and create work that helps illustrate the work the researchers have done and the points. If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to contact Grace at gconyers {at} insanitek {dot} net.

Independent Artists, Creators and Innovators

If you’d like to set up a stall in the Insanitek Gifts Store, all it takes is a few moments of your time, a portfolio, and a little bit of will power. You not only get to sell your items with very little strings attached, but you also get an affiliate account. Interested in learning more? send a message to Maria at accountsdepartment {at} insanitek {dot} net. Interested in setting yourself up with a virtual booth? Send a few examples from your portfolio of what you intend to sell to Grace at gconyers {at} insanitek {dot} net. 


Volunteering gives you a chance to build your name, your branding, your community, and your network of professionals. It also gives you another line on your CV, a chance to show off your skills, and a chance to learn more tricks. And that’s just for starters. We really value our volunteers so we try our best to make sure they get the things they need while they are in school to build a stellar resume and networking platform to launch themselves off into life with.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available as well. If you think you have some skills that you’d like to show off or develop that fit into our tiny slice of the world, send an inquiry letter to Mark Brenner at HR {at} insanitek {dot} net to see if we can make room for your skills on the staff.

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