Sometimes you need a skill or knowledge you just don’t have.

You’ve tried books, but they can be difficult to read… or maybe you just don’t have the time. And classes? Well, it’s hard to find a teacher that speaks your language, so spending money on it makes you groan. And there are just some things you need to brush up on, not go all out for.

We’ve been there before, which is why we’ve made Knowledge Conduit a bit different.

Knowledge Conduit, which we fondly refer to as KC behinds the scenes, is designed to serve your needs in a whole new way — whether you need a class that ends with a certification, a quick review, or a tutor to walk you through it step by step.


We focus on STEM help, but we branch out often as well.

DIY in a Flash series are colourful, printable documents designed for the student that needs a quick review, the parent that wants to grab a quick printable for homeschooling, and the educator that wants a super quick warm-up or review. We focus on accuracy while adding some playful elements that help teach ─ without feeling preachy.

The do-it-yourself Flash sheets are downloadable PDFs that we designed to give you a page of easy to follow instructions, followed by basic practise. 

How do you get ’em?

There are two ways:

You can download any set of sheets from our store for Pay What You Want Pricing. This option means you can grab only what you want and no more. (Guest checkout available, so you wouldn’t even have to sign up for an account.) 

But, if you want all we have, you’ll want to access our resource library. For all our sheets in one go, sign up for our email list. You’ll get the password to our library of resources, notification of all new uploads, and advice on making the most of your journey.


Knowledge Conduit is making the world our playground. We’re taking education, learning, and teaching to a whole new level. We’re combining teaching with mentoring, hands on exploration, and a world wide network of passionate individuals to lead the way.

This newsletter is for you if you want to teach or learn. The whole point is growing. 




E-Courses for Fun & Certification

You can pick up an e-course for free at Coursera, taught by a university professor, who also teaches like a university professor. You can take a class at Udemy, or any of the others, but they don’t have recognised certifications. We know because we’ve taken these courses to better ourselves, then found disappointment when we couldn’t so much more with it.

When we build our e-courses, we build it for certifications. But, we don’t like to teach like a university professor that drones on and on, throwing Death-by-Powerpoint at you.


Because that’s not good for anyone, and it really makes you want to quit before you’re even started. Besides, learning should be useful, fun, and give you a result at the end beyond mere satisfaction.

Browse our e-course offerings here.

Pair Up With a Tutor

You know, sometimes doing it on your own just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a personal tutor that can walk you through the sticky points of the lectures or get your back through the full thing. We’ve been there, too, and recognise the boost of confidence that having someone explain things in a clear way really helps. (Since some of our tutors are bilingual, we really can’t say “plain English”.)

That’s where our team of tutors comes in. All of our tutors are vetted for fun, professionalism, and clarity. That means that no matter who you choose from our database of tutors, you can be assured that they are professional, twist the subject in fun ways, and always explain it with clarity, whether they are teaching you over the web or in person.

Browsable database coming soon.