Meet William Peters

William, Insanitek math tutor
William in wedding gear.

William is a freelance math tutor that works with high school kids in the north Indianapolis area. 

Like the rest of our tutors, William brings real life expertise mixed with a bit of “esoteric” knowledge to help each student learn the lessons, not just get through the homework. 

What kind of knowledge? You can expect things to have a bit of history, some handyman practicalities, and shortcuts. 

Teaching style: Laid back, straight forward, holistic.

Will’s teaching style is laid back and calm, step by step explanations. Students bring their homework, and will helps them understand what needs to be done, step by step to get to the answer. It’s more than just doing it, it’s also understanding the why it works.

During the sessions Will also listens to the kid’s, their experiences, and helps mentor them a bit through life.