hands on science for kids, hands on science for teens, hands on science for children, imagination, curiosity, scienceHands on science is what makes the world come alive under a little’s fingertips. It’s encourages children to explore their world with curiosity and dreams. It’s what gives teens the confidence to see their world with logic and imagination into adulthood. 

Hands on science inspires us to understand the world around us and keep dreaming of exploring what’s around the next corner.

Our workshops infuse hands on activities with things that are generally found easily around the house, in the garage, or from a hardware store. This brings the power of seeing every day things used in a whole new way to open up paths for our children they might never have dreamed possible. 

Join us?


Have a desire to be crafty, nerdy, and play with the basics? Have a little that you want to do science crafts with and foster that curiosity? Or have a kid that is iffy about science? Maybe a craft, but the idea of science makes them think they have to do nerdy, mathy things and they shrivel back? All ages and skills welcome in this fun, 30 minute virtual workshop.

Then this is for you.

Once a month we meet for a live hands on science virtual workshop. Here we work through a science based craft together, explore the very foundation of science just enough to spark wonder without going too deep and losing everyone.

What you’d expect here:

  • A monthly printable with the workshop supplies, directions, and extra sheets to use for journalling or note taking.
  • A live workshop where you can laugh with others while we work on the same project, show off our work, and learn about science.
  • Get answers to your questions as they pop up.
  • Confidence in their skills.
  • Wonder about the world around us.
  • Extra ideas on how to take these workshops further, such as using them at birthday parties or go a little further into the science for the older students.

Ready to expand your world? Pop your email in below, and you’ll get the monthly invite to the event.





Is your little really into science, but your budget isn’t ready for the higher end toys that are easily broken yet? Or, are you just getting past the dabbler stage and want to get more science for your whole family? Think still crafty, but yet a bit deeper into the science to spark more creativity.

Then, here is where you belong.

Once a month live workshops as described in the Dabbler membership are expanded with one additional workshop that is pre-recorded so you can do these on your own time.

These additional workshops are available in locked posts here on Insanitek. On these posts you’ll find a video that is much like the live workshops. You’ll have instruction, commentary, more in-depth science, and ways to expand this further.

What you’d expect here:

  • A monthly live workshop with others as described in the Dabbler membership.
  • Additional workshop going more in depth into the science and could take more than an hour to complete.
  • A community in the comments of each post to ask questions as you go and get replies and help from our staff of scientists.
  • Further ways to use science in daily life.
  • Challenges to earn awards.
  • Ability to request specific topics.

Ready to elevate your experiences in science? Buy your membership below and join us. You’ll automatically get access to all previous workshops as well, so you’ll be able to dive in right away.

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