General Science Middle School Curriculum [Full Year]

So, you want to get more mileage out of your class time? That’s what an interactive journal is for. Here is a full year of middle school science topics to explore as an interactive journal. The topics and sheets are yours to mix and match for your personal needs, skills, levels, and interests.

So, grab your creativity, this printable guide, and get to exploring the world.

Suggested Price: $ 30.00

Minimum Price: $ 15.00


All our interactive journals start with a science textbook used by the public school systems, then as we translate the entire thing into material for the interactive journal, we infuse it with our collective years of experience in research to make sure each lesson is going to serve you and yours in real life as well as add a few fun challenges and insider secrets.

With this approach we find that we hit all the state standards, then go above and beyond in ways that will challenge while entertaining each student.

In this year you’ll find:

  • 12 chapters
    • Foundation of science and the scientific method
    • Basic math used in science
    • Force
    • Energy
    • Waves
    • Hereditary science (DNA)
    • Basic chemistry
    • Basic biology
    • Basic environmental science
  • Labs and exercises to explore the topics further
  • Answer key to questions

Many of the exercises and labs in this curriculum can be done for a variety of ages and skills, but the math to work with the topics is based in algebra ─ hence the middle school rating.


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