Mini Science Idea Journal

Some times we just need a quick jog into creativity. This is that but for science. It’s easy to let the time and days pass, but what happens when we start asking questions and noticing the world around us? Sometimes looking at things deeply can be just what is needed to help students look deeper at the world and really open up their scientific creativity.

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These are the first three pages in our much larger journal with prompts. It’s designed to be used with open-ended experiments to help students explore ideas they are passionate about. We’ve been using them at the beginning of PBL sections so the students could dabble in their ideas and see if they want to go further.
The journal prompts are:
– What I’m curious about and why
– This is how I’ll learn more
– What I observe
– How things changed
– Hypothesis of what will happen next
– Things I learnt!
– Ideas for the NEXT experiment!
If you find a fun way to use these, please let us know! We’d love to include it as ideas for others.


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