Polynomials: The Basics

Flash Math packet designed to teach and refresh fractions. Learn:

  • How to form polynomials
  • How to the exponents impact the equation
  • Differentiate the types of polynomials
  • Add and subtract polynomials

Use for pre-testing, test reviews, math races, etc.

Suggested Price: $ 1.50


Sometimes you just need a quick refresher, not a huge project, to give the students.

That’s where Flash Math comes in. It’s a short document with a clear introduction reminding students how to do a very specific skill, easy problems and slightly challenging problems to loosen up the rusty skills.

This packet contains directions on how to form basic polynomials and what makes them a polynomial. There are a handful of easy question, a scattering of challenge questions. And, there is an answer key included in the back.

The most exciting part? We took the concepts and elevated them to a fun level with fun graphics. Warning: Might cause excited learners.

You can use these as:

  • A primer for a topic
  • A refresher after a long break
  • A quick reviews before tests.
  • As extra credit assignments at the end of the week that serves to refresh and a small challenge when a timer is ticking away in the background.

Content created by: Grace Conyers
Graphic design by: Sydney Nicholas <– soon you’ll be able to click her name to see more of Syd’s work and hire her


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