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Want to work with Grace on a tactical deep dive into one area or a 1-on-1 broader strategy attack?

Snag a 90 minute Voxer session where you can work remotely together with Grace.

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Sometimes we just need to get feedback on a project while we’re actively working on it. Yet a Zoom meeting gets awkward as we work on things in real time. I mean, what if you want to take a moment to cuddle your pet or yell at your kids to stop harassing each other That’s where Voxer Chats come in.

Voxer is a walkie talkie app which makes it less awkward for you to work on a project while life moves around you. How it works is that you and Grace meet up on Voxer at the scheduled time and start you going on your project. You can communicate via text (you know, if you want to keep it quiet while not disturbing people in your house), voice messages, and/or real time walkie talkie. As you work, there is no awkward pause in video or audio on either end so you can work, then ask questions or get feedback and advice as you need.

It’s like getting a good friend on text for an hour and a half to help you work through a sticky point in life — without the awkwardness of Zoom and definitely no need to even dress halfway up.

VIP power hours are available on Monday and Tuesdays.

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