Thank you for your interest in The Pocket Guide to Becoming an Independent Researcher. I can’t begin to convey out excited I am with text, so let me do it with a .gif.Monty-Python

You see, being an independent anything has it’s ups and downs. It’s so worth it to have a sense of freedom though! Just dream of this: You get your experiments going in a spare corner of your garage or a spare room, then as you wait for it to run through it’s cycle, you go to the other room to play with your kids, make a healthy lunch, and spend some quality time on things you want. All that time waiting is now filled with things you want to do. Everything from reading the latest research while flopped in your favourite chair to having a mid-day bath can be yours.

This book is just the beginning. We are looking to make it more inclusive in the near future. Think case studies, legal regulations, and more actionables. And, as one of the first people to see the e-book, you’ve earned the right to be first in line to have your story told in it.

Why would you want to do this? 

It’s great PR, first of all. After all, how many people could you say not only made a huge impact in their own lives, but also appeared in the pages of a book?

Second of all, each of our experiences and lessons learnt as we grow our independent labs is differently. By telling your story, you have a chance to help someone that starts out from a very similar point as yourself and give them advice that you’ve learnt along the way — no matter how far you are along your journey.

Not ready to tell your story, but know someone else that is? Send ’em our way in your stead. Just have them email Grace at gconyers @ with the subject line, “This is a good story.”

Why that subject line? Well, besides not getting caught by the spam filters, it’s fun and accurate. All personal stories of triumphs are good. So good, in fact, that we promise it will be published. Either here in INK or in the book.

Ready to live a new way? Let’s change the world together. Start with downloading this book and becoming part of the movement.

12 pages to get you going and keep you going.