About Grace and her teaching style

If your goal for your child is to give them lifelong skills to cope in the world, have better study skills that can be used well past science and math, and have fun taking book work and applying it to real life, then you’re in the right place.

Grace, besides being the owner of Insanitek, is a soil chemist, former adjunct professor at Brightwood College, former middle school math teacher, and passionate science communicator. In her mind, everyone should have access to the wonders of science and the math it uses — and be able to use it as they need.

Grace tutors and teaches homeschool with a combination of hands on exercises and walking kids through the problems so they can see the logic and reasoning, not just how to get the answers. One of her tricks? She ties into things the students love for both science and math so they don’t have to feel like it’s all work and no play.

She hopes to give her students confidence to read, understand, and use the knowledge in every day life. 


Please note that these are services for tutoring. If you just want to get the curriculum we use, please visit the store here and grab it for Pay What You Want Pricing. You can find that here or click on the image below.

General Science Middle School Full Year Interactive Journal Curriculum

Please note high school interactive journals are still in progress of being built by field of study & will be available when they are finished.

Now, if you actually want an experienced scientist and passionate science communicator to help you and your children learn through the joys of science you have two options:

Schedule half hour appointments as need or get me on retainer a month at a time.

In person meetings are at Insanitek (located in Springport, Indiana) or via ClickMeeting (like Zoom, but with more security for privacy and no account needed for you.)

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