Homework Tracker and Challenge Sheet [blue & green]

A one page sheet to track all your homework and keep you motivated to get it done and turn it in on time.

Suggested Price: $ 2.00


I developed the “homework tracker” sheet for myself when I was struggling to keep on top of everything in school. I found that it is a great tool for anyone that has to keep track of things, but loves challenges and games.

To use the homework tracker:

  1. Download and print out the sheet.
  2. Laminate both sides with self laminating sheets.
  3. Grab a wet erase marker.
  4. Fill in the weekly challenge. (This can be getting your homework done before a certain time, all done, getting ahead, or anything else you can imagine.)
  5. Fill in the reward for meeting your challenge goal.
  6. Check off as the week progresses — have someone keep you honest if necessary. 🙂
  7. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You can, of course, print a sheet out for every week and keep track of how you’ve been doing, or any other way you can think of. Whatever you do, take the challenge and reward seriously. It is the most important part to keep you motivated and moving forward with your change of strategy.

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