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Does Exercise REALLY Help Students Focus and Perform Academically Better?


We hear it all the time for the elderly: Exercise increases cognitive abilities and staves off Alzheimer’s. We hear that exercise makes us age more slowly over all. But what about young people? What about people with ADHD or other cognitive “divergences.” The answer, like everything else in science, is… Keep going…

How Fertilizer and Science Education Are Tied Together by Justus Liebig


Justus Liebig (1803 – 1873) was a German chemist that not only did groundbreaking work in organic chemistry and biological chemistry, he also transformed chemistry education and universities to be more inclusive of a variety of topics . The Man: Justus Liebig Justus von Liebig was born in 1803 in… Keep going…

How to make Interactive Journals work for you

Use Interactive Journals Effectively


As a homeschooler, can you use interactive journals effectively for your school? Interactive journals are huge right now. But, if you’re just coming across them, you might be asking yourself, “How do I use interactive journals effectively so I’m not wasting time and money?” The goal of all educators is often… Keep going…

Add a dash of science and swirl, stir, and voila! Water is (almost) 100% clean.


While yes, we are going to be talking about water purification, it helps to know how the water gets clean in nature first. And that, of course, starts with the water cycle in it’s full complexity. The water cycle is a huge, global sized system where water makes it way… Keep going…