More dirt on the boss

Many of you rarely get a behind the scenes look at the puppet master of an operation, so I thought it might be fun (and sometimes funny) to share a little tidbits about myself as they happen to pop up and someone captures it on camera. No, I’m not camera shy, but the stuff I do is either too boring to take a picture of or anyone around is having too much fun to think of it.

Here is your first insight into the captain here: my office desk. Now, my office is tiny. And, by that I mean a small 16 of a room that I share with someone else, tucked in a corner of my own flat. Keep that in mind while you look on in horror.

Before: The War Zone
After: Serenity

Right. So, that being said, what you see is the aftermath of me frantically looking for a piece of paper with a few notes on it. You see, when I’m in the middle of projects, such as my thesis, I leave them out on the desk so I can easily grab them between other tasks and assignments. Then, I grab stuff related to the task or assignment at the time it pops up, and add that to the chaos.

Continue pattern ad nauseum until something desperately needs to be found, then I spend an evening purging the clutter, organise papers that really would take seconds to put up anyway, and dusting. The worst part is the dusting. If you have a desk that looks like the before picture, be wary of dust bunnies running out between the pages of long forgotten archaeological realms and attacking you. I’m serious. Those things have teeth.

And yes, that is a stress ball in the shape of a penguin. I always did say penguins make me happy. 😉

I hope this gives some insight to who I am, and gives the people eyeing Insanitek for employment some idea of what they are in for. Just remember, I might be “the boss”, but I’m only human. Besides, dust bunnies with teeth would scare anyone.

— Grace

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