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New JSTOR feature

JSTOR, the journal repository site, has added a new, very awesome feature. You can now sign up for a personal account that will allow you to access articles for free.

Now, it could be better. They allow you to put 3 individual items on your shelf, and after 14 days, remove them. You can’t have more items, and you can’t read them in a day, then replace it with something else. Despite of this, it’s a nice way to a few select articles for free. Just make sure you really need them for 2 weeks before you do put them in your library.

Another fun feature, which is no longer active, was the JSTOR liberator. This little gem is dedicated to Aaron Swartz, who was a crusader for free knowledge. He was in a bit of a tangle with JSTOR over liberating millions of documents to be widely disseminated for free. Remember Aaron. Enjoy free knowledge. Even if JSTOR was forced to give away even temporary knowledge for the good of humanity because of a tragedy.

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