On brain injuries

If you follow my personal blog, you will know that I’ve recently gotten into an op-ed piece on the impact brain injuries have in our society and lives. It’s a very deserving topic that is very complicated and deep. It ranges from the medical fields and neurology to society’s perceptions and touches on many things in between. Recently I’ve been in contact with a few survivors, advocates, and care-givers. I’d like to share their stories with you in their entirety and in their own words, so we’re putting them up on Insanitek Ink for everyone to learn about their experiences from.

Once the piece is done, I will post it up here on Insanitek as well as run op-ed pieces in various newspapers, online magazines, and anywhere else I can find that will hear their stories. Until then, this is a placeholder post that will be referenced as an index to all the stories and the posts I write as well. Without much ado, here is the index to the stories, which will be updated as they are written and posted.

Personal stories


Bill Jarvis

Mike Morrisey

Sharon Krause


Rosemary Rawlins



Tim Hoffer

Interested in submitting your story? Send it to me, along with your full name to gconyers {at} insanitek {dot} net. I will assume that if you have sent me a submission that I have your permission to edit it for grammar and spelling mistakes only. I will also assume the following rights:

  • To post it in the Insanitek blog crediting you
  • To link to the blog piece
  • To quote it in the op-ed piece crediting the quote to you.

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