The Little Red Writing Book: 20 powerful principles of structure, style and readability by Brandon Royal [book review]

The Little Red Writing Book: 20 Powerful Principles of Structure, Style, & ReadabilityThe little red writing book : 20 powerful principles of structure, style, & readability by Brandon Royal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is actually a pretty good reference book. I found it quick, easy to read. This is particularly good since I don’t really dig reading how to write books, but this little 160 page book was a wonderful tool to remind me not only write, but how to write well and smoothly.(OK, so a wee bit more smoothly, I still need more practise.)

The front of the book declares that it has 20 powerful principles of structure, style, and readability. The author holds up to this promise, and adds a little more. Each chapter tells the principle, then describes it in detail, and gives several examples. Most chapters have exercises at the end, and answers at the back that are really quick to work through.

My favourite feature of this book was not something that was in the book, but the step up in confidence when it came to writing my thesis. This extra confidence came from reading through this book, doing the exercises, and applying it to the various other things I have to write daily, including this review essay. This fact in itself has guaranteed that this book has earnt a spot on my work desk, and will be a valuable reference in the future.

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